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Sorry, Not Sorry – EMS Edition

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Lest anyone ever fall prey to the idea that I was a ‘good’ paramedic during my time in the field, let me assure you that I wasn’t. One does not mix field care and a twisted sense of humor together without a few moments of mayhem that might have easily been avoided if I’d acted as a responsible adult. I can’t, I didn’t, and it’s off to the supervisor’s office once again for a corrective discussion.

Mike Dowe and I had been given a call to a patient having a seizure inside a car located in front of a church located in a strip mall off Campbellton Road in southwest Atlanta. Given that it was an early Sunday evening, the small church was filled with parishioners involved in the service.

We arrived to find a man having a Grand Mal seizure in the front seat of his car. I climbed into the vehicle to examine the patient and initiate treatment. While busy with my patient, I heard something that sounded like chanting outside of the car. I looked up to see a gathering of ‘church ladies’ dressed in their full regalia holding hands and offering prayers for their stricken brother within the vehicle.

The patient was stable and I really, really couldn’t have stopped myself if I’d tried.

Imagine the voice of Gollum from ‘Lord of the Rings’. Yes, that voice, the rasping one. I leaned out the passenger door of the car and said, “NOOOOO…. HIS SOUL IS MINE!”

Oh dear, I did not know that ‘church ladies’ could scream that loud or run quite that fast.

Mike and I quickly removed the patient from the car and departed the scene for Grady. It came as little surprise to receive a radio summons to the supervisor’s office before making it halfway to Grady Hospital with the patient.

It was worth the paperwork incurred.

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