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The Book Signing: Thank You All!

The ‘Book Signing Event’ was amazing from start to finish. It unfolded and occurred in a manner that far exceeded my wildest expectations because the event brought together Grady Medics that I have not seen in decades. I would never have believed that people would come all the way from Nebraska, Missouri, Alabama, Mississippi, and everywhere else for a reunion of Grady veterans.

  Yes, it was a true Grady EMS event because it was cold, wet, and nobody gave a damn about the weather. We were all having too much fun together. I spent more time laughing and hugging than I did signing books. I knew that the signing was going off the rails when Blake Aasgard and Wayman Hawkins popped up in front of me. I had tears rolling down my face from laughing with those two over the stories being told.

  Stories… Oh dear God, the stories that were shared that day and lives we’ve lived made the event everything that could I ever wish for if granted a single wish. These were the living legends of Grady EMS walking around Star Point Farm renewing old friendships.

  Tracy Arnold was the true Wizard of Oz who pulled the event together and worked tirelessly to assure that everyone had a blast. The buffet was simply astounding as it covered her entire kitchen and dining area. She had prepared my signing area long before I arrived with heaters to keep a grumpy old man warm throughout the event. If you need a venue for your event, I would put Tracy and her Star Point Farm at the top of your list!

    The other tireless workers at the event were my sons and daughter. Bea, Jay, Alex, and Matt kept things flowing at the table where they sold t-shirts, my books, and other stuff. Betsy bounced throughout the venue to meet all of the people whom she’d heard so much about over our years together. Betsy Nealey and her sister, Carol Driskill, had spent two frantic days sorting, folding, loading, and pricing things to be brought to the event. Two other people in the background who had a blast meeting our medics were my best friend, Eric Ingram, and my mother-in-law, BJ Cappelli.

  Some moments of the event were far too priceless for me to fail to mention. Elesa Sutton being convinced to tell the story of her first pediatric arrest as a paramedic. Tommy Cooper telling me that his cancer was finally resolved. Mike O’Hara (hopefully) being convinced to write his book. Jo Petty having a chance to see all of the EMT’s and Paramedics that her husband, Phil Petty, released upon the world of EMS. Joey Bearden learning that he is loved by all, not for what he’s done, but for who he is as a man.

  Did I sell a book or two? Hell, I hope so. I was too busy enjoying the event to notice!

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