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Grady Medic Origin - How a Curmudgeon Got Dragged Into the 21st Century

Here I sit at 65 years of age learning about the wonders of technology, webpages, publishing, marketing, and a myriad of stuff of which I am blissfully ignorant. Imagine a chimp being handed a football and told that he was scheduled to play quarterback in a SEC game this Saturday. Welcome to my world.

I have always wanted to be a writer; however, working as a paramedic and nurse seemed a more likely way to put food on the table while having a roof over my head. Such was my life until I fell from a ladder on 10 June 2023 to sustain an open fracture/dislocation of the right ankle. A consequence of my absence of forethought with respect to ladders was the need to create a new career since walking for extended periods was no longer a viable option.

Little did I know that writing a 100,000 word book was the easy part. I thought I was stepping into a swimming pool and found myself dog-paddling in an ocean far from land. Fortunately for me, I found a website called 'ALLi', short for Alliance of Independent Writers, where the creators toss lifelines to idiots like me. It was worth every penny spent to begin learning at the knee about the world of publishing.

My sons, who are computer savvy, look upon me with the concerned eyes of a child considering options for a nursing home. My wife reads my writing with a spouse's love while offering the gentle advice of "Get off your ass and get this material published." My dogs love having Dad at home while sleeping in my home office and intermittently passing gas. Yes, this is now my world.

Once upon a time I was a paramedic in Atlanta, Georgia for Grady Memorial Hospital's Emergency Medical Service. Should you wonder; it was a job that I truly loved doing things that were fulfilling and damned fun. The writing of 'Grady Medic' was a direct result arising from the sudden death of my EMS partner, Brian Shepler. Brian's death prompted me to tell the public about paramedics and the reality of our lives.

EMS was still in it's infancy when I got started in this outlandish field of public safety. As always, paramedics and Basic EMT's are the bastard red-haired stepchild that walk far behind their big brothers in law enforcement and fire-fighting. Yet, ours is a story that needs to be told about people who should never be forgotten. Our medics pushed the bounds of emergency medical care to reach far beyond the constraints of conventional thought and reasonable expectation.

Please understand that 'Grady Medic' is not just a semi-autobiographical tale. It is the story of the people who put their lives on the line to respond to calls for medical help. It is about the faces who go unseen on the 6:00 news. The story is about the beginnings of emergency medical services and what it takes to handle crisis after crisis on a 24/7 basis. The story is also about the hysterically funny incidents that human beings actually call 911 for each day. In the end, I simply hope that you understand why our medics firmly believed that Grady Emergency Medical Services was "Second to None". I wrote it for my brothers and sisters who proudly wore our shoulder patch throughout their careers.

I hope you enjoy the story.

--Tony Trimble

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