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Grady Medic Book Cover
Grady Medic

You are about to vicariously live a paramedic’s life where there is little connective tissue between the chapters, and this was done intentionally.  As a paramedic, you never know what the next call into your ambulance will bring into your professional life. 


I wanted you to have that self-same experience in your comfy chair. 


The tales may be funny, tragic, or make you scratch your head as you say, “What the hell?’, or leave you with a sense of relief & wonder.  That is the world that my Grady Medics & I have lived throughout our careers.

You may be taken to training or see things as a field supervisor sees it happen while working with his employees. 


The timeline of this story begins normally with how a country boy from the rural area of Jackson, Georgia got into this outlandish field as one of the pioneers of EMS and found himself working at Grady EMS. 


After that happens, strap in for a rollercoaster ride through history.  Yes, the stories and tales told are all true to the life of a medic; most are mine and others belong to my friends from that era.

Book no.2
Book no.1
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